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My Eminent Person for 2014!!!


Jack Lee was born in 1957 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, his family moved to Surrey, BC when he was 2 years old. He started piping when he was 5 years old. Now a days he is considered to be one of the best bagpipers ever, if not the best. He has won all of the possible top solo bagpiping prizes at least once and he is the Pipe Sergeant and co-founder of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, the most successful Grade 1 (highest level) band from outside of the U.K. and Ireland. He has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and CDs. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Simon Fraser University and a Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada.

 However I didn’t choose Jack Lee to be my eminent person based on the awards he has won or his celebrity status, I chose him because of his dedication to teaching and the preservation of the art of bagpiping. In my opinion this is what truly makes him eminent and sets him apart from other famous pipers.

 He is the manager and head piping instructor of Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band, a youth and feeder band affiliated with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. He is a co-founder of Piping Hot Summer Drummer; the largest Piping, Drumming and Highland Dancing School in the world, he also travels regularly to teach at international piping schools. In addition to this, he is a private tutor for a select number of pipers that he invites to be his students. But Jack Lee doesn’t just teach his students about piping, he teaches them about life. He teaches the importance of hard work and self-discipline and how to win and lose gracefully. He has high expectations but he sets them in such a way that people are motivated to make themselves rise to meet them and he is a positive role model and mentor for thousands of young people who are participants in the piping schools he teaches at.

Piping Hot Summer Drummer School

Reflection on My Choice

  In reference to Mr. Jackson’s point about the imbalance of female and male eminent people and how we should make sure to look for and consider studying females in the same fields as well known eminent men.  I know eminent females are usually quite underrepresented in the eminent person project but the truth is eminent females are underrepresented in history. I am choosing to study a male bagpiper but as a female bagpiper I am also very aware of the underrepresentation of women in the piping world. Until quite recently there was very open discrimination against female bagpipers, women were not allowed to join bands or compete at high level events but I am happy to say that it is different now.  Another reason I chose Jack Lee as my eminent person is because he doesn’t promote discrimination towards gender, race, religion or class within the organizations he is involved in. If you want to learn and he thinks you have potential he will teach you.

In terms of the way this project relates to my personal learning goals throughout this year, I am continuing to keep my word from last year “Aspire” in the back of my head. I believe Jack Lee has done and continues to do way more than he and others ever thought possible or expected and I hope to do the same in my life. I really admire his leadership abilities and how he motivates people to be better. I also think the sheer number of people’s lives he has touched is incredible, because in the long run it doesn’t matter what you get it’s what you give.

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  1. saraknowles says:

    Hey Emma!
    This seems like such an interesting eminent person for you to do! good luck! I was curious to whether you have met Jack Lee before, considering he is such a local phenomenon?


  2. christine says:

    I think its so cool that you met him in real life. Very informative and I can’t wait to see the final project!

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